TITLE INSURANCE. Do you need it?

It’s a term we hear and see frequently – we see reference to it in the Sunday real estate section, in advertisements and in conversations with real estate brokers. If you’ve purchased a home before, you’re probably familiar with the benefits and procedures of title insurance. But if this is your first home, you may wonder, “Why do I need another insurance policy? It’s just one more bill to pay.”

The answer is simple: The purchase of a home is most likely one of the most expensive and important purchases you will ever make. You, and your mortgage lender, want to make sure that the property is indeed yours – lock, stock and barrel – and that no individual or government entity has any right, lien, claim to your property.



GCS TITLE – Operation Shoebox

GCS Title is honored to #SupportOurTroops in any possible way to show our love to our hero’s.

Operation Shoebox is funded through the generous donations of caring citizens and local businesses across the nation. We are reaching out to all of you in our community to spread the word! For our Hero’s even 

the smallest gesture will impact our service men and women feel the love from overseas!  Tell your clients, family, and friends!

Donations of food, snacks, and personal care items are received, sorted, packaged, and shipped to our troops on the front lines. (more…)

The Power of Choice!

YOU have the RIGHT to choose your own Title Company!

Because GCS Title is independently owned and locally operated, we have no ties to realtors or lenders, and no vested interest in transactions. We are not owned by lenders or realtors, and we serve our customers. (more…)