GCS Title’s Qualia Encompass Integration User Guide

If you don't already have a Qualia account with us, you can easily set one up by  CLICKING HERE.

Create an account through our closing portal, Qualia Connect.

  • Directly from Encompass

  • Communicate securely

  • Automated updates

GCS Title’s Qualia Encompass Integration User Guide

Below you will find 4 easy steps to get integrated! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out us!

4 Steps - Order a Closing!


To order a closing, open a loan file in Encompass. Within the loan file, open the services tab in the bottom left and select “Order Title & Closing”.


Select Qualia from the list of providers to launch the integration.


The integration will open and automatically import relevant data from your current loan file.

Here you will have a chance to review your title order. Select GCS Title, then place the order.


After you place your order, the integration will take you to a dashboard for the order.

The integration sends the relevant loan information directly to GCS Title’s Qualia application, where they will be notified of the new order and prompted to accept it